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If you’re into branding and logo design, then you should check out BrandLove. If you want to get some more insight into HR-related issues, then “Thoughts” might be for you. Everyone is a marketer, even if you don’t know it. Check out “Marketing Demystified” to learn some marketing lingo.

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Marketing Demystified

WunderTRE is bringing transparency to the marketing world! Prepare yourself as we “demystify” terms businesses and marketers use. Therefore informing you to know exactly what is being talked about. Quick tips from us break down popular buzzwords or industry terms that you may frequently hear out in the field.


From tips on building a brand that lasts and connects with an audience, to interviews with entrepreneurs who know what it takes to win, WunderCAST is the place to be! Weekly WunderCAST episodes are hosted by WunderTRE Founder and CEO, Ryker Taylor and his trusty co-host and sound aficionado Alex Masterson.


Jump into the world of HR as Jonathan, our HR brainchild, gives his thoughts on HR-related situations that can help businesses. In THOUGHTS, Jonathan gives suggestions to popular HR questions in an easily digestible way.


See brands from the eyes of a graphic designer! Join Alex as he goes over the BRANDS he LOVES and why he loves them. Brandlove is a journey that takes you through some of the best brands in the world and breaking them down from a branding expert!

Upcoming Video Series


Take advantage of social media by outsmarting their algorithms! Josh goes over popular social media platforms and discusses what sorts of tips and tricks you can utilize to make the most out of your social media marketing!

Winning the Web

Take a dive into the technical world of website design as Greg explains the various concepts of web design, but on a more familiar level. Be informed and stay up-to-date with the latest in SEO, analytics, responsive web design, and more!

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