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With a dash of ambition, a pinch of awesome, and a slice of nerdy, here’s a little bit about your favorite people at WunderTRE!

A Brief History

Hi, we’re WunderTRE. We’re a marketing agency based in Lubbock, TX. Established in April of 2016 we’re on a mission to do one thing, help businesses become better through their marketing, sales, and service efforts.

In the beginning, websites were the name of our game. Now, we offer Brand Consulting, Logo Design, Marketing, and yes, Websites. We’ve also built an extensive network, so if you need something we don’t offer, chances are we know someone who can help.

As time has gone along, we’ve had great victories and a few painful failures. With that, we’ve learned that only relying on what we know isn’t good enough. The game changes often and we strive to evolve with it.

This mindset has forced us to strive to be a leader when it comes to offering innovative solutions that bring results today, tomorrow, and every day after that

Fast forward to today, we’ve grown our team, helped over 100 clients in dozens of industries and cities across the nation step up their game, and had a few video game parties that were pretty awesome.

While we’re proud of all we’ve done, we know it’s just the beginning. Check back often because this story goes on!

Mission Statement

At WunderTRE we work with business owners to help businesses build experiences that delight everyone who interacts with them. 

Our Team

Ryker Taylor


Jonathan Profile Picture

Jonathan Rodriguez

Operations Assistant
Alex Profile Picture

Alex Masterson

Design & Branding Specialist

Gregory Profile Picture

Gregory Arriaga

Web Services Specialist

Joshua Profile Picture

Joshua Wilbanks

Account Manager

Why WunderTRE?

Now, you might be asking, what makes our team so unique? The answer, we genuinely care. That’s an easy claim to make in some simple website copy, but our actions back us up. How? Here are a few examples…

We’ve been known to have 4 hour-long meetings with our clients to get to know them and their business better, even if we only had an hour blocked out on our calendar initially. We answer the phone as much as reasonably possible, even if we’re standing in line at the grocery store (true story)! If there is an issue and it was our fault, we’re more likely to bring it up to you before you can bring it up to us. We live by a mantra, “We don’t always get it right, but we always try to make it right.” We’re always learning and getting better for our clients. We are not afraid of trying something new and not producing results we like, but we’ll get back up and try something different!

So, there are some ways we demonstrate that we care. Our actions 100% back us up, and you can ask our clients, and they’ll agree!

Some reviews from our clients

Chris DeAnda

We used WunderTRE to combine two law firm websites into one. However, we wanted something different than both websites. I was skeptical at first until Ryker and Matthew took their time to speak to us one on one about our specific needs. We were BEYOND happy with the finished product of our logo and website. I would give more than 5 stars if I was able. Great job!!!

James Henson

I started working with WunderTRE a few months back, and I have been incredibly happy with everything we’ve done together. Ryker and Matthew took a personal interest in me and my business, and because of this the brand they created and are evolving for me is cohesive, consistent, and authentic. I can’t exaggerate how happy I have been, or how excited I am about what we will build going forward.

Michael McDougal

Great experience with WunderTRE rebuilding and combining 2 websites for McDougal Capital. Very pleased with the process and the results. Great job guys!

Arica Day

These guys built us a wonderful, professional website! They also do an absolute fantastic job with monthly hosting and with any issues that ever arise. I highly recommend them for your website needs!

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